How To Apply
  1. Brands apply below.
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What We Do

We headhunt creators to make content for brand accounts and become recurring members of the creative team.

How It Works

1️⃣  Apply

Companies apply below and together will provide us with specifics about their needs, demographic, and role.

2️⃣  Headhunt

Our team manually sources lists of those creators through our creator database and network.

3️⃣  Placement

Once our team has identified candidates, we work with the company on selecting the ideal person and make introductions for them to collaborate.

4️⃣ Payment

After the company and creator have agreed to move forward together, we collect a one-time recruiting fee.

Case Studies

The following creators were sourced and placed through CreatorX.

We’re Not Really Strangers

Sara • LA • Headhunted to create for We’re Not Really Strangers account


Vinny • NYC • Headhunted to create for Windows, Microsoft, and Surface

Little Tikes

Hashim & The LaFond Family • LA • Headhunted to create for Little Tikes

Best Western

Gavin • Scottsdale • Headhunted to create for Best Western account

Super Coffee

Raza • Dallas/Austin • Headhunted to create for SuperCoffee

Why We Love It

1️⃣  Companies

Companies are in need of content more than ever, and with the learning curve of creative being an immense challenge, most don't know where to turn.

We love being able to help companies recruit creators to be hired “in-house” because we have felt the pain of not understanding how to create on today’s platforms.

2️⃣  Creators

Creators are typically only able to monetize their following once they have a big audience.

This model allows up and coming creators to be hired for consistent work and make a living doing what they love with companies they are fans of.

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Who's Behind This

Our founder, JT Barnett and our amazing team of creators and recruiters!


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