What We Do

We headhunt creators to make content for brand accounts and become recurring members of the creative team.

Why We Do This


Companies are in need of community-driven organic content, and breaking through is only getting more challenging.

We know most teams do not have the talent, time, or energy to perform consistently, and we love being able to find them someone who can.


Creators are unable to be financially stable while only relying on brand deals. Being part of the creator community, we see this firsthand.

This service allows creators of all size to be hired for consistent work and make a supplemental living doing what they love, with companies they are fans of.

How It Works

1️⃣  Apply

Companies apply and together will provide us with specifics about their needs, demographic, compensation, and role.

2️⃣  Headhunt

Our team manually sources candidates of those categories through our creator database and network, and gets them interested in the role.

3️⃣  Interview

Once our team has headhunted top candidates, we interview and review sample content together to find the ideal person for the company.

4️⃣ Placement

With our help, the company and creator agree to move forward, and we collect a one-time recruiting fee.

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Creators, if you are interested in creating for a company, apply to our database here

Who's Behind This

Our founder, JT Barnett and our amazing team of recruiters!


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