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Red Saint

Red Saint


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About Us

Red Saint is an early stage alcohol start up challenging the very ideals of alcohol. Red Saint was founded on the rebellious ideas that spirits can be crafted with less alcohol, you can live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the ritual of drinking, and you shouldn’t have to compromise quality and taste to do so. These themes of rebelliousness and wellness are the foundation for all aspects of the Red Saint brand as we endeavor to elicit feelings of transparency, elevation, and substance.

What we're looking for

  • Must be over 21 & in LA
  • Reliable and growth-oriented creatives with a passion for storytelling
  • Growth oriented individual committed to building a life that feeds your physical and mental well being.
  • Involved (creator or consumer) in the health & wellness space.
  • A conscious consumer who values transparency, quality, and mission-driven brands.
  • Passionate about life!! Committed to your personal growth and personal pleasure.


  • Will be filming (conceptualizing/editing) + posting a minimum of 30 TikToks each month.
  • Will be responsible for growing the TikTok page.


  • Must live in Los Angeles
  • Must be 21 +
  • Brand Synergies
    • Erewhon
    • Art Basel
    • Burning Man
    • Flamingo Estate
    • Proper Hotels
    • Kin Euphorics
    • Aesop, Remedy Place