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Just enter your Full Name, and Email the way you did in the BarnettX Creator Database!


About Us

Our mission is to make learning so easy and fun that anyone can learn anything. Tell Save All what you’re learning and we use AI to quiz you in a way that stops you forgetting. Think of it like Duolingo but for any type of learning, not just languages.

We’re an early stage well-funded startup that's grown 100X in the last year and is just closing our Seed round (our main investor is NFX). We’re aiming to reach 1 billion users and you'd be one of our first hires!

What we're looking for

  • A strong interest in education & learning
    • e.g. would be great if you knew what active recall or spaced repetition are, or if you’ve used something like Quizlet and Anki before
  • Someone who can appeal to Gen Z
  • Someone who is good at speaking to camera and explaining ideas


To discuss and agree later, but roughly:

  • 15-30 videos per month posted to TikTok
  • Same content also posted to YT Shorts and IG Reels
  • 1 meeting a week with us to discuss your videos & progress


  • Location: We are open to any location, you can work remotely. Our company is in the UK!
  • Budget: ~3K per month
  • You’ll be judged on results (e.g. views, followers, clickthroughs) not on time spent so you’ll be completely free to manage your own hours and time.
  • We’ll happily pay for most things that make you better at TikTok e.g. courses, equipment.
  • We’re a startup and from our company you’ll be managed by the CEO who worked at YouTube for 5 years in marketing so hopefully can also help you become a better TikToker
  • We understand that creative freedom is extremely important, so we aspire to give you maximum autonomy in making the videos as possible. We’ll try to give helpful feedback where possible but in general we won’t restrict you and your creativity.