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About Us

Juiced Bikes is a California-based company producing innovative, high-performing, and value-optimized electric bikes. Always committed to a customer-first ideology, Juiced was one of the original direct-to-consumer electric bike brands in the U.S. market and has been engineering transformative micro mobility solutions for over a decade. Led by our founder, Tora Harris, we're on a mission to amplify individual potential and inspire sustained environmental protection.

What we're looking for

  • Must be based in Southern California, ideally in San Diego or Orange County
  • Must be team oriented, growth oriented, collaborative, reliable and have a passion for storytelling
  • At a minimum, must be comfortable riding a bike, ideally comfortable/experience riding an e-bike
  • No set requirement for follower size, but must have an account that clearly demonstrates experience with TikTok content creation (utilizing trends, editing, filming, etc.)
  • Active lifestyle, comfortable being outdoors and able to complete long-range bike rides
  • High energy, fun, and engaging personality, and very comfortable on camera
  • Passion for social media and producing social-first content
  • Collaborative, willing to work closely with the Juiced marketing team on content planning, safety requirements, etc.


  • Collaborate with Juiced Bikes marketing team to create a monthly Tiktok-first content production plan
  • Produce (conceptualize, film and edit) + posting 30 Tiktoks per month
  • Understand brand positioning and brand voice, and translate into engaging, entertaining and shareable Tiktok content that resonates with key target audiences


  • Must be in Southern California with a reliable, safe location to store e-bike(s)
  • Juiced will assemble and deliver e-bike models for filming
  • Significant product discount available for creator to purchase/keep any e-bikes used in filming
  • Creator must adhere to established riding safety guidelines