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Calirosa Tequila


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About Us

Calirosa Tequila is made for those we call ‘the colorful ones.’ We’re an inspired spin on traditional tequila - unlike mainstream tequilas, Calirosa Tequila is aged in red wine barrels, giving our liquid its famous pink hue and delicious taste. It’s no wonder we’re the highest rated Rosa Tequila in the world.

Calirosa Tequila sounds and acts like the coolest girl in the room, without having to spell it out. The friend you turn to with the “what’s my caption?” question, always bringing magnetic presence and personality. A balance of elevated style and rock and roll bite.

What we're looking for

  • A creator with a passion for conceptual creative, a love of all things social, and an ability to ideate, produce, shoot and edit incredible TikTok content
  • You are proactive, resourceful, organized, flexible, curious and thrive in fast-paced startup environments
  • Someone extremely creative, funny and iconic in their storytelling style
  • Must be team-oriented, growth-oriented, reliable and have a passion for storytelling
  • Loves to stay up to date on current social media trends and pop culture. You know what
  • is trending before anyone else does!

  • You understand brand aesthetics and pride yourself on your good taste
  • Aside from content creation, you understand our brand voice and will help grow our
  • community through witty and confident community management

  • You take feedback well and are always looking to improve
  • You are genuinely excited to establish a new category of tequila
  • Flexibility and willingness to be part of a team on the ground building the brand during a
  • key growth phase

  • You love spending time in the kitchen - whether making new recipes, trying new cocktails, or checking out the newest bars and restaurants in your neighborhood (Calirosa bar tab included!)


  • Conceptualize, film, edit, and post 20-30 TikTok videos per month
  • Brief, communicate and edit content from Calirosa team members (non TikTok experts)
  • around the country

  • Translate Calirosa initiatives and stories into viral worthy TikTok posts
  • Regularly dig into the data and determine how we can continuously improve our social
  • media performance

  • Engage directly with guests and influencers (IRL and online), facilitating meaningful and
  • authentic two-way communication and responding to questions, comments, and requests

  • Identify new engaging ways and breakthrough opportunities to engage our community, leveraging new features across the platform
  • Produce a variety of content types. You are comfortable with being both in-front of and behind the camera as well as capable of creating aesthetically pleasing cocktail content


  • Location: NYC or LA based
  • Looking for a female, 23-26
  • Tequila fan/drinker
  • While this will start as a contract position, there is an opportunity to make this full time
  • We most often use Slack and Zoom for communication
  • Previous in-house experience in social media and marketing
  • Open to travel
  • Looking to be part of a fun, collaborative and hardworking team\
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