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Dream Pops

Dream Pops


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About Us

Dream Pops is next-generation ice cream, candy, sweets, and treats brand that is creating plant-based ice cream and candy products for the future. We like to create fun and inclusive content while not taking ourselves too seriously. We are always 100% plant-based.

What we're looking for

  • Female creator
  • Someone able to make around 20-30 per month
  • We like content that is fun, creative, and not too serious. We are selling ice cream, not saving the world.
  • Transitions, voiceovers, food tok, are all good categories of content we like. 
  • Preferably someone who lives in Los Angeles, with the availability to come into our office once a week.


  • No less than 10 Pieces of content per week, weekly time spent creating community, ie. commenting, liking, and engaging with our community.


  • Must be a female