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About Us

You know how most people hate their big wireless carrier because they pay them too much money and get lousy customer service? Red Pocket Mobile gets you the same wireless coverage - with top-rated, personalized support - from just ten bucks a month.

We are a disruptive telecom company making wireless cool. We’re a fun, tightly knit but dispersed team across the US with concentrations in LA, Florida and NYC. You can be fully remote, and meet up with us in person at fun events throughout the year.

What we're looking for

  • A creative, reliable and passionate storyteller
  • Someone who loves helping people lifehack a better way to do everyday things (like their cell phone bill)
  • Someone who can make tech or technical processes fun and understandable to non-experts.
    • Think of the coolest, most personable Apple Store Genius you’ve ever dealt with and amp that up to a TikTok rockstar.


  • Conceptualizing, filming, editing + posting a minimum of 10 TikToks a month.
  • Overall responsible for growing our TikTok page and audience of prospective cell phone service buyers, who typically range in age from 28-45.


  • Location
    • You do you. But it’d be nice if you came to LA once in a while to hang out with us 😄
  • We’re the best wireless company you’ve probably never heard of. Seriously, even if you don’t take this gig you should switch to Red Pocket and save a bunch of money. Tell your friends.
  • We are sold in every Target store nationwide, and we are currently running a national TV campaign. See our ads and other content at