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About Us

The gentle jaw® was conceived and developed by Dr. Rich Hirschinger. He is a dentist who is board-certified in orofacial pain, which means he does not treat teeth. Instead, he specializes in helping patients who struggle with acute and chronic pain symptoms related to the mouth, jaw, head, and neck.

He set about bringing the gentle jaw stretching device to market to give people full control over their own jaw pain treatment. It's easy, it's apologetically simple and it only needs to be used for 30 seconds every couple of hours. It's "yoga for the jaw®.”

What we're looking for

  • Must be team creative, reliable, have an understanding of what our product does, and have a passion for storytelling.
  • Must live in or near Los Angeles, and be able to travel to our office in Beverly Hills for photo shoots.
    • Dr. Hirschinger is willing to travel a short distance to do filming at your direction.
  • Preferably female since that is the main target audience.


  • Will be filming (conceptualizing/editing) + posting about 30 TikToks a month.
  • Will be responsible for growing and monitoring the TikTok page.


  • Dr. Hirschinger’s focus on pain management began when he was badly injured in a car accident and needed a spinal fusion to quiet his back pain. A few months later his mom was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. The urge to learn more about chronic pain led him to a two-year, full-time residency at UCLA's Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine Clinic.
  • Our office is located in Beverly Hills, CA