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Flying Embers

About Us

We were born from desire to make booze better. The landscape was lined with shelves of substitutes, additives and corners being cut with a blatant disregard for its well- being to the customer. Rather than accepting the status quo we took it as a challenge, to revolutionize the space and set a new standard of excellence in alcohol.

So we started Flying Embers to create a refreshing alternative with a conscience. In a sea of sameness we knew that with our knowledge and love of all things natural we could create something real. But, we couldn’t settle for just being real; we had to meticulously craft a liquid truly delicious with an uncompromising commitment to doing it right.

Flying Embers was born in Ojai, CA during the massive Thomas Fire that threatened our homes and brewery. A single ember could have been the end, but for us it was just the beginning. Sparking a passion for change and a desire to give back to the heroes who saved us.

Flying Embers supports the Embers Foundation, a 501C3 that works to support first responders, communities and surrounding habitats in the Wildland urban interface.

What we're looking for

  • We’re looking for someone (gender agnostic) who knows each platform like the back of their hand — which editing tools to use, how to pace, which caption styles and/or tracks perform best. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s driving organic engagement and how to spike the algorithm.
  • This person focuses on living a healthy, active and spontaneous life and is always down for an adventure.
  • They are a self-starter, move-quickly and are always down to challenge status quo.


  • Creating +/- 10 pieces of content per month start to finish, including concepting, shooting, editing and cutting variants.
  • Presenting concepts prior to production for in-house approval.
  • Driving engagement through their content, including vanity metrics, but more importantly metrics that impact algorithm-centric priorities (shares, bookmarks, etc).
  • Weekly reporting as get up to speed so we can test, learn and optimize in (near) real time. Monthly reporting thereafter.


A few example creators whose style + persona + vibe who match our ideal Creator. Think of this more as a persona moodboard than a request for those specific creators, but if they’re down, we’re down!