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About Us

Kira Learning is a high-growth company creating curriculum, learning tools, and support systems that empower high school teachers and prepare students for a world in which technology and science play pivotal roles in everyone’s lives.

What we're looking for

  • One to two TikTok creator(s) with a deep knowledge of computer science
  • Relatable to our high school teacher and student audience (possibly someone who previously taught or tutored CS).


  • The goal of these individuals will be to create TikTok content five times the showcase our content and products.
  • Generate technical content in compelling and interesting ways
  • Engage a wide range of learners and instructors with interesting problems, projects, and topics related to CS and AI
  • Reference Kira content/products to explain computer science problems and concepts with ease and confidence
  • Infuse/combine various methods/approaches/genres to create consistent engagement and grow followers
  • Craft a content stream that is the “go-to” for all CS, AI, and coding problems/news/projects/hacks