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About Us

Perfy is the functional soda for your brain that supports mental health causes and families of those impacted by overdose and suicide.

Perfy comes in three flavors (Fruit Punch, Blood Orange Yuzu, Tropical Citrus) and has 3g-4g sugar per can. Not only does Perfy taste delicious, it also includes one perfectly paired nootropic + adaptogen per can to promote overall calm, focus, and balance.

What we're looking for

  • A strategic storyteller at heart
  • Someone who understands Perfy’s “why?”
  • Someone who hears “You’re Perfy” and thinks “I love you”
  • An optimist


  • Works with Perfy CEO to concept/ideate editorial calendar
  • Produces and edits each video
  • A commitment to spreading kindness and positivity on TikTok
  • Understanding of the voice/brand guide


  • A message from the CEO ❤️
    • When I was 2 years old I told my mom “You’re Perfy.” The second she told me that last year I switched the brand’s name to Perfy. So what does this mean?
    • I want to honor her by spreading love on the internet. And not in a cheesy way. An example might be holding up a sign that says “What do you think the word Perfy means?” First person to get it right gets $100. But right can mean “pretty”, “perfect”, “I love you”, or whatever. Everyone has someone who is Perfy in their life in their own special way.
  • LA preferred