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About Us

We’re building the next generation of fantasy sports by giving people the ability to win money on things happening in the next few minutes of the game - the next at-bat in baseball, the next play in football, or the next possession in basketball. By starting from scratch with ground up products and technology, our team is giving our users the chance to win big throughout the game, and not have to wait for the odds to catch up.

What we're looking for

  • We want a visual story eller to be the face of HotStreak on TikTok and drive curiosity and excitement for our company and product
  • We are looking for someone who has created content super successfully on TikTok on their own and thinks they can do it for us
  • A passion for sports, a knowledge of sports betting, and an infectious personality are all keys to this role
  • Someone who is fun, and likes being part of a team


  • Will be creating multiple TikTok videos daily highlighting HotStreak encouraging discussion, site visits and commotion
  • Will be representing the HotStreak brand on social channels, interacting and cutting it up with other TikTokers as well as other platforms
  • WIll be working with other people in the HotStreak team and participating in the company virtually, on the daily


  • We are serious about someone fun. Lol.
  • This is a performance based role. Creating content people watch and succeeds in getting uptake is a requirement
  • While this will start as a part time position, there is an opportunity to make this full time as it success becomes apparent