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Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual Zero Proof


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About Us

Ritual Zero Proof is the highest rated spirit alternative providing zero-alcohol alternatives to tequila, gin, whiskey and rum. We are focused on providing better-for-you cocktails with all of the delicious flavor and experience of a traditional cocktail, without the alcohol.

What we're looking for

  • Must be team oriented, growth oriented, creative, reliable. Outgoing personality with the ability to story tell.
  • Fun and friendly.
  • Understanding of spirit alternatives, mixology or the beverage industry preferred.
  • Should have a strong interest in sharing their day, good energy and comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Should be into healthy living, preferably live in/near a major city


  • Will be filming (conceptualizing/editing) + posting a minimum of 30 TikToks a month.
  • Will be responsible for growing the TikTok page.
  • Capable of identifying industry trends to remain relevant on the platform


  • Ritual Began Because We Love To Drink. To eat too, and have adventures. We're passionate foodies and damn good cooks, so Ritual started in our kitchens.
  • The goal wasn't to replace liquor -- bite your tongue! -- but to add a new tool to our cocktail kit. It took more than a year and hundreds of iterations to perfect our recipes.
  • We weren't interested in a glass of "something."  We're not interested in new-age goop that defies explanation, or fancy spa water that bears no resemblance to liquor.
  • We weren’t satisfied until it tasted and smelled and felt like the real thing. A new way to make an old favorite (or an Old Fashioned.)
    • Because choices are great.
    • Because there are lots of ways to mark a moment.
    • Because you’ve had two cocktails and want to stay out, but have sh*t to do tomorrow.
    • Because you don’t feel like piling on the calories.
    • Because you can mix it with liquor for low-ABV cocktails.
  • Here’s to friends clinking glasses – whatever may be in them.