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About Us

Home From College is career development platform build specifically for Gen Z. We position ourselves as the “cool older sibling for students.” We are the hub for college students to get flexible experience through The H\FC GIG and professional brand building through our Resume Studio. We work with brands like NBC Peacock, Beyond Meat, Warner Music, and hundreds of smaller startups like Vacation and Parade.

We’re on a mission to give everyone the chance to start their career and even the professional playing-field. Giving millions of students the ability to get experience not coffee.

What we're looking for

Describe the ideal candidate here.

  • Must be deadline-driven, creative, and experienced with brand storytelling.
  • Can speak to the college student problems and experiences.
  • Has the ability to translate our product pain-point + solution through storytelling.
  • Embodies the “cool older sibling energy”
  • Must be a recent college grad or ~sophisticated~ college student.
  • Part time to start, with opportunity at full time.
  • Must have a deep understanding of the career landscape ex: LinkedIn, Handshake, TikToK Resumes etc.
  • Must be interested in Consumer Tech Product and be able to show case the H\FC Product and select features and show it’s use case.


  • This will include + not limited to: documenting, filming and editing content from the H\FC Office and H\FC events and campuses in the LA area.
  • Producing a minimum of 30 TikToks a month.
  • Engaging with the community through channels.
  • Engaging content to drive platform growth + top of funnel awareness