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About Us

Quinn is the app for audio erotica. We are an industry-leading sex tech company on a mission to elevate romance content for the modern, conscious consumer.

Quinn was created by women for the world, prioritizing the female gaze and ethical content production. You can think of us as “forbidden Spotify.”

What we're looking for

  • Looking for a female content creator in their 20s or 30s — funny (sarcastic, dry, has the gift of the gab), sophisticated, smart, has a natural glow about them
  • Must genuinely enjoy making TikToks and spending time on the platform
  • Must have a well lit clean living space to film in, comfortable delivering medium to high quality self-shot video content
  • Must ideate and shoot 2-3 videos per weekday (we will give a full brief on our TikTok drafting process)
  • Must work fast and well under pressure
  • Should be somewhat familiar with the Quinn app and our creators (we will give a full brief and help with terminology)
  • Passionate about sex tech, gender and women’s studies, eroticism, sexual wellness
  • Creator should be passionate about female empowerment, but welcoming, warm, inclusive, and positive towards men
  • Should be able to speak concisely, eloquently, and energetically


  • Will be filming conceptualizing, filming, editing, and posting a minimum of 30 TikToks a month
  • Will be responsible for growing the TikTok page


  • Quinn is a fully remote company, so you can be anywhere!
  • You should be comfortable discussing sex, and cultural questions/topics surrounding sex and porn, but you will not be asked to share any details of your personal intimate life!