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About Us

When the founder, James Oliver, was a student at Tufts University, he tested his physical limits with endurance sports, including an Ironman Triathlon, two 24-hour races, two 24-hour hikes and three ultra-endurance obstacle races. These newfound hobbies made him rely heavily on protein bars, consuming two to three daily, albeit frustratingly so. Some were simply loaded with sugar, while others were just not tasty. Worse yet, none of them addressed the holistic balance of both physical and mental performance. So, naturally, he set out to create something better: a science-backed, real-food protein bar with zero compromises.

Today, Atlas sells its 10 flavors both online and at 1,100 retail locations, and is the first protein bar to actively support both physical and mental wellness. A Certified Sports Nutritionist, James is proud of the brand he has created. Mostly, he’s overjoyed to be able to share protein-fueled, body and mind nutrition that helps people live and feel their best.

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What we're looking for

  • Atlas is a science-backed brand that people trust and this role will be the face of the brand on TikTok.
  • This individual needs to be able to speak authentically and knowledgeably about nutrition, health, and wellness topics
  • Team-player who is reliable, growth-oriented, and passionate about storytelling
  • Able to work well with others on ideation and execution
  • Creative and scrappy individual with the ability to execute quickly


  • Conceptualizing, filming, and editing short-form videos for TikTok
  • Responsible for growing the TikTok page, posting a minimum of 30 TikToks per month


  • Must be based in NYC so we have the option to create “founder content” with James