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About Us

Super Coffee was founded by three brothers and collegiate athletes, in a dorm room, in 2016, when they realized they wanted a “better brew” to fuel their packed schedules. Kitu Life, also known as Super Coffee, is now one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in the world. Our packaged coffee products feature indulgent flavors, 10g of protein, MCT Oil, and ZERO SUGAR.

What we're looking for

  • Looking for someone who is witty, authentic and “in on the joke.” A pop-culture fanatic who is passionate about content (TikTok specifically) and a consumer of trends.
  • MUST have a sense of humor and sarcasm
  • Must be team oriented, growth oriented, creative, reliable and have a passion for storytelling through a comedic tone of voice.
  • You must be able to work well with the content team on a daily basis and have enthusiasm towards perfecting your craft
  • Must understand the importance of community engagement and brand reputation
  • Proven track record of creating creative, original content on Tiktok that has performed well and is attention grabbing.


  • Will be filming (conceptualizing/editing) + posting a minimum of 30 TikToks a month.
  • Will be responsible for participating in TikTok community management on a daily basis in partnership with internal Super Coffee Social Media & Community Manager.
  • Will be responsible for growing the TikTok page (followers, video views, engagements, etc.)


  • Must be NYC or Austin based with availability to come into the Super Coffee office once a week to work with internal creative content team
  • Bevnet Brand of the Year, 2021
  • A wide array of investors including JLO and AROD
  • Recently launched first CTV commercial in partnership with Vanilla Ice
  • Frequently enjoys participating in stunt-worthy social content (there’s nothing we won’t try once :)