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About Us

Chomps is a minority, family-owned and operated healthy meat snack brand. Chomps products are made from the highest-quality, sustainably sourced proteins with no hidden, harmful ingredients. Chomps’ mission is to inspire, educate, and fuel our community with accessible, sustainable, real food that doesn't compromise on taste.

More on CHOMPS Background

What we're looking for

  • Food Bev Health Wellness Geek
    • Ideally, established enough to have built trust and credibility
  • Loves health, lifestyle, LA/NYC vibes
  • The girl next door (healthy & relatable)
  • Active, Healthy, Outgoing, Fun
  • Is excited to talk about the things that give them energy
  • Talks about tips tricks - health shouldn't be this unattainable thing thats complex etc - lets make healthy living simple and interesting


  • Scaling up to 30 pieces of content a month
  • Reporting as we scale up, but to start let’s focus on the views comments etc
  • Meetings (weekly) - more of a strategy jam sesh etc
  • Touch bases (as needed) - random ideas, questions
  • Content uploaded by person with captions
    • Would be great if we could get the asset after downloaded no watermark so we can repost on other channels.
  • Depending on where that person lives etc would love to bring them to some events when it makes sense ex) Expo West
    • We will pay for their travel expenses etc


  • Location:
    • Chicago (preferred)
    • LA
    • Naples
    • NYC
  • Budget: ~ 4K
  • Wouldn't hurt to have someone who can do all the things
  • We want someone who can just get it done. Someone who can just own creative production, editing, caption styles etc. They have a defined voice and aesthetic and are confident that they can help us scale these channels
    • They are obsessed with understanding what is working and why
    • They love to test & learn, in a constant state of evolving
  • Also no vegans / vegetarians / pescatarians
  • Someone who actually likes Chomps - can show genuine authenticity and enthusiasm for the product