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About Us

Quantic School of Business and Technology is a highly selective, mobile-first business school that’s challenging the world of elite higher education.

Quantic offers MBA and Executive MBA degrees. It’s engaging and interactive (think Duolingo) with a global student and alumni network of over 17,000 leaders working at the world’s best companies (Google, Amazon, Apple, Salesforce rank highest among top employers of our students).

While it’s competitive to get in, we’re also democratizing access to a high quality education by making it radically affordable. Our innovative tuition model and employer-funded sponsorship opportunities dramatically lower student costs, often all the way to $0.

Join the future of education!

What we're looking for

  • Smart, witty, and fun personality - we may be in higher education, but our brand is anything but dry and dull. We think learning should always be fun!
  • Must be collaborative, growth oriented, creative, reliable and have a passion for storytelling
  • Well informed about latest in business, technology, entrepreneurship, and career development
  • Part time to start, with opportunity at full time asap.
  • Must be willing to work east coast hours


  • Will be filming (conceptualizing/editing) + posting a minimum of 20-30 TikToks a month.
  • You’ll work with our marketing team to ideate and come up with new ideas
  • Will be responsible for growing the TikTok page.


  • Must work East Coast hours
  • Access to Quantic MBA and EMBA course material, with the potential to earn your degree for free
  • Our founders include Tom Adams, former CEO of Rosetta Stone and E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year winner
  • We are a real challenger brand shaking up the world of higher education! Here’s a chance to be part of something big that’s creating more access to high quality education for everyone around the world! Just this year, we’ve awarded over $9 million in scholarships to students in developing countries.