Nissan United (TBWA/NY)
Nissan United (TBWA/NY)

Nissan United (TBWA/NY)


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About Us

We are a modern, integrated agency created and managed by Omnicom to lead all marketing and communications globally for Nissan. Designed to deliver marketing transformation, Nissan United is dedicated to helping Nissan grow its brand value around the world more effectively. The team brings expertise in data, analytics, media, customer experience and CRM, all of which help drive and inspire innovation and creativity.

Nissan United is housed within TBWA, AdWeek's 2021 Global Agency of the Year and one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies. TBWA is the Disruption agency, known for a long history of famous creative campaigns for some of the world's greatest brands and home to Apple's dedicated TBWA\Media Arts Lab. TBWA is at the cutting edge of building the most innovative agency models and teams.

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What we're looking for

  • Prolific TikToker with extensive experience posting to the platform personally or professionally
  • Very familiar with TikTok features, creator tools, and best practices
  • Demonstrable understanding of TikTok’s culture, including popular trends, memes, and communities
  • A strong point of view on what it takes to entertain audiences, drive views and build a dedicated following on the TikTok platform
  • Formal or informal writing, acting and directing experience (e.g. stage or film)
  • You are comfortable being live on camera; you can improvise and able to interact with members of the public
  • You have a natural enthusiasm and you’re able to hold a room with your stories
  • You are able to exhibit a broad range of emotions on cue
  • You have a sense of branding and know how to keep a consistent tone of voice in your writing and acting
  • You can edit videos, use TikTok filters, and create TikTok visuals in a premium, engaging way
  • You know when to ask for feedback and you can implement it well


  • MAKE GREAT TIKTOKS. Work as part of a team to develop a best-in-class TikTok presence for an auto brand - concepting, writing, shooting, editing, and animating TikTok videos.
  • PERSONIFY THE BRAND. Perform in entertaining TikTok videos on behalf of the brand - reading scripts, memorizing lines, and following creative directions.
  • GENERATE NEW IDEAS. Stay informed of trends, memes, and communities on TikTok, and identify opportunities for the brand to participate or create content.
  • GET OUT THERE. Travel frequently to different locations across the U.S. to shoot content, cover shoots/brand/industry events, and collaborate with different teams.


  • Ideally live in New York, Los Angeles or Nashville
    • Open to other cities with a direct flight to above locations
  • Provide a link to work examples and/or existing TikTok presence for consideration
  • Passion for cars is a plus!