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About Us

Pogo is a mobile app that rewards users for sharing their data. We’re your agent in today’s digital world. Link your transaction data with our app, and we’ll find you the best ways to earn and save. Whether it’s cash back on everyday shopping, negotiating down your bills, or helping you take advantage of savings opportunities, Pogo’s got your back.

What we're looking for

  • You are creative and have many ideas you’re excited to put out into the world
  • You are on top of trends and know how to tap into the larger national conversation or sentiment
  • You are inspired by how other great consumer companies have found ways to connect with their users and have many examples of what best-in-class looks like
  • You are a strong, clear communicator on the page and in person/video. You’re able to explain complex topics clearly and have a trustworthy tone/demeanor
  • You have strong user empathy without bias. You're able to put yourself into the shoes of users - even those that might be very different from you
  • You are extremely organized, reliable, and detail-oriented
  • You are passionate about financial literacy and helping others learn ways they can be smarter about their finances or save money


  • Will be filming (conceptualizing/editing) + posting a minimum of 30 TikToks a month
    • Able/willing to be flexible as we test a couple of engagement models (e.g., short bursts of more videos/day vs 1-2 videos/day for a month)
  • Will be responsible for growing organic views/followers on Pogo’s TikTok page.
  • Will be key in producing videos (TikTok style) that can also be used in paid marketing campaigns.


  • Growing really fast: our app hit $2M+ annualized revenue within our first year of launch.
  • Strong product-market fit: our app retention and engagement is on par with Instagram and we have a 4.9 app store rating across 16K+ reviews.
  • $15M raised from top investors and operators, including the founders of Honey, Carta, Rent the Runway, CXOs of Stripe, Adobe and Uber, top VCs like Josh Buckley and Harry Stebbings, and creators like MrBeast and The Chainsmokers.
  • Small team of 7, expanding quickly: we're a tight-knit team that accomplishes things most deem impossible. We're only 7 today, but looking to 4x this year.