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About Us

The Bala Enzyme company – makers of Bala Sports Drink Mix – was founded in 2018 by Dr. Arash Aftabi and Dr. Farnoush Fadavi, husband-and-wife Harvard-educated dental surgeons based in Southern California. The Bala Sports Drink Mix was inspired by their 20 years of research on a plant-based solution to help their patients recover post-surgery from inflammation, swelling, and bruising without the use of prescription painkillers.

While the product began as a personal project, it quickly evolved into a greater mission to commercialize a new-to-the-world sports drink that leverages electrolytes and the benefits of turmeric root and plant-based enzymes to support full body recovery rehydration, muscle recovery, and joint inflammation relief!

Bala is the first-ever sports drink powered by plant-based enzymes to rehydrate, recover, and relieve! And, moreover, it’s zero sugar and tastes great.

What we're looking for

  • 🏃🏽‍♀️An active young adult (female) 25-32 years old
  • 🌞 A creator with a passion for health and wellness; natural products, and currently living an active lifestyle
  • 👣 A track record of creating engaging TikToks, not just trends but storytelling, education, and community development
  • 😃 The obvious - strong knowledge of what makes TikToks engaging and fun, understanding emerging trends, skilled at storytelling (this is key!) and being self-motivated
  • 📱Creation/posting ~1 TikTok per day
  • 🌎 MUST be located near a Sprouts Farmers Market, or willing to travel to create content as we want to support both digital and retail awareness. More retail to come too!


  • Be the face and main storyteller for Bala on TikTok!!
  • Brainstorm, strategize, and create new content for our TikTok:
    • Tap into new and popular TikTok trends relevant to our industry/product
    • Healthy split of
      • fun, trendy TikTok
      • strategic TikToks “frameworks” (product benefits, Q&A, storytelling/education) knowing these will be amplified
  • Community engagement. Responding to comments, direct messages, and tagged content. Also, engage comments from other creators we partner with.
  • Understand and support our overall marketing strategy and execute TikTok to drive brand awareness & product benefits.
  • Participate in marketing reviews, slack discussions, etc.


  • Bala is:
    • A full-body hydration and recovery drink mix
    • Doctor-formulated, with turmeric root and plant-based enzymes
    • Overall supports:: Rehydration, Muscle Recovery, and Joint Inflammation Relief
    • Zero sugar
    • Tastes great (Pineapple, Berry, & Lime flavors).
  • Location: Orange County/Los Angeles California local is preferred. Remote OK.
    • MUST be located near a Sprouts Farmers Market store (or willing to travel to create content)