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About Us

We are Kaged, the elite supplement brand.

We provide the highest quality formulas in the world to help people lift heavy, live healthy, and become a stronger version of themselves. We do this through high-quality supplements, training programs, value-driven content, and the cultivation of the Kaged community.

We aim to become THE top supplement brand, and we are actively looking for passionate, ambitious, and collaborative go-getters to join the fam and help Kaged scale to the moon.

What we're looking for

  • We’re looking for a fitness-oriented digital creator to develop and create Kaged’s organic TikTok strategy.
  • Someone passionate about fitness, health, workouts, and self-development
  • Someone who gets TikTok and knows trends, content strategy, content creation, marketing, and community building
  • A creative thinker who can retain the Kaged brand ethos while also creating engaging and relevant content
  • A compelling storyteller who can create series in and around the Kaged brand
  • Someone based in LA/OC
  • Someone who can dry scoop pre-workout (not required, but major brownie points)


  • Develop the social brand voice and creative identity; You’ll determine how we show up on TikTok and create all of the content.
  • Maintain Kaged’s brand identity on TikTok
  • Create series, do BTS videos, do trends, and connect TikTok content to overarching marketing strategy
  • Conceptualize, film, edit + post a minimum of 30 TikToks per month (you also have a creative and marketing team to help with this)
  • Stay up to date with TikTok algorithm, trends, and social media industry to apply to social strategy.
  • Grow the Kaged TikTok page
  • Build community - respond to comments, do reply videos, engage with followers
  • Assess the performance of content and take away key learnings
  • Have fun, this job is so cool. Why did no one tell us this was a viable option in school?


  • Must be in LA / OC
  • Hybrid role, but must be able to visit Kaged HQ frequently
  • 1+ years of experience creating witty TikTok content required
  • Kaged HQ based in Irvine, CA (the office is awesome - gym, brewery, restaurant, open office concept)
  • Competitive salary