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About Us

Feel Goods is a passion-driven wellness brand on a mission to make health more approachable and fun.

We craft natural drink mixes using premium ingredients designed to support one’s overall wellbeing. For us, taste also plays a crucial role in how people enjoy our products and we strive to create the most delicious, but functional drinks this world has to offer.

At FG, we also believe most brands approach health & wellness in a dull, boring way - we’re changing that.

What we're looking for

  • A creator who cares deeply about their mental & physical health and hopes to convey that understanding to others while also being unapologetically his/herself.
  • Someone who is flexible, open-minded, and not afraid to take risks when it comes to creating content (as long as we’re spreading our brand’s message in a positive way).
  • Commitment to spreading the “feel good, do good” mantra of positivity, kindness, and giving back.
  • Bonus: You’re also not afraid to create content in public and thrive in social scenarios. We have a ton of fun, feel-good ideas that involve strangers and filming genuine interactions with them!


  • Must be local to Los Angeles. Our office is located in the heart of West Hollywood (right across the infamous Pink Wall) and you’ll have your own working and filming space!
  • Can film, edit, and post finished content (of themselves and/or the team) consistently on a weekly basis.
  • Constantly engaging the community we’re building on TikTok by commenting, replying, liking, finding other creators to collab with, etc.


From Brian & Dustin (co-founder):

  • We first started Feel Goods because we were tired of the artificial, sugar-filled vitamins/supplements we were used to buying in stores. So we decided to create something more natural and refreshing inspired by our Asian & Middle Eastern roots (literally).
  • While we strive to make the most natural, but effective drink mixes this world has to offer, our ultimate goal is to change people’s relationship with wellness to a more relatable and exciting one.
  • We believe “doing good starts with a feeling” and want others to fully understand what that means in the most exciting way possible - we hope to potentially spread that feeling with you 💙💛